Quality & accreditation

Quality – we care

We are passionate about the quality of our produce, and it shows. We take pride in growing fruit and vegetables in harmony with nature, and handle our produce with the greatest of care in order to bring the best of nature’s bounty to homes worldwide.

At Laastedrif we strive to achieve the highest standards in everything we do, every day of the year, whether we are tending and harvesting our crops or packing, storing and transporting our produce.

Measures to help ensure the quality of our produce include:

  • careful management of fertiliser and pesticide application, complemented by the use of biological control
  • documenting procedures from field to dispatch, ensuring full traceability of produce
  • training staff in food handling, hygiene and safety
  • laboratory testing of produce for pesticide residue levels
  • close monitoring of the cold chain to maintain product quality and integrity, and
  • regular internal and external inspections and audits.

The quality of Laastedrif produce has been recognised with accreditation and certificaton by a wide range of industry stakeholders.