People – our most valuable resource

Our people, many of whom have been part of Laastedrif Farming for generations, are our most valuable resource. The pride and care they show in all aspects of our business – from the planting and tending of crops to the packing and shipping of produce – are essential to our success.

We provide permanent residency for more than 150 employees and their families. During our peak season we employ up to 900 people throughout the company.

We are commited to providing our employees with fair and safe living and working conditions, and adding to their general well-being. Initiatives include decent housing with subsidised water and electricity, a state-subsidised crèche and aftercare facility for the children of working mothers, and a state-subsidised primary school and library. We also supply soup kitchens and feeding schemes in the Ceres area with fresh produce on a regular basis.

In 2003 we transferred 60% of the ownership of Morceaux farm to workers with five years of service or more, in recognition of their valuable contribution.

A retirement housing project is currently underway on Morceaux for long-standing employees, yet another way of ploughing back into the community.

Training and education are another priority and we invest in courses and further training for our workforce.