Nurturing nature

Farming sustainably means protecting our natural resources. Laastedrif Farming has implemented a comprehensive environmental management plan to conserve and maintain ecological processes and systems, focussing on biodiversity, endemic and threatened species, and water yield.

Our environmental priorities include:

  • Conserving endemic biological diversity, including genetic and species diversity, and the diversity of ecological processes and habitats.
  • Integrated management of the mountain catchment area to ensure an optimal, sustainable yield of quality water.
  • Developing infrastructure without harming the environment.
  • Supporting research aligned with our broader environmental focus.
  • Offering recreational opportunities that can be managed sustainably.

We invest in various initiatives to protect our fauna and flora, to control and eradicate alient plant species and to combat and prevent soil erosion, the latter also with aggressive crop rotation. We also focus on the environmentally responsible use of fertilisers and pesticides, and careful management of our irrigation programme. Packhouse and sewage water will soon be filtered through a purification plant for reuse.

Meet the riverine rabbit

laastedrif-riverine-rabbitOne of the species protected by Laastedrif Farming is the riverine rabbit, on the farm Nouga near Touws River. Endemic to the Great Karoo and parts of the Klein Karoo, the riverine rabbit (Bunolagus monticularis) is one of the most endangered terrestrial mammals of Southern Africa. With only a few hundred animals left in the wild today, the species is facing an extremely high risk of extinction.